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Teens are in crisis in a culture that steeps them with sexual messages and images that encourage them to be sexually active before marriage.

The CDC shows that by age 15, 13% of teens have had sex.

By 19, that number leaps to 70%.

[Winter 2010, Human Life Alliance Action News,]

April 2014: Abortion



                                              “He who is silent in the face of evil, consents to it.”

  Educate Others on the Link Between Abortion, Breast Cancer, Planned Parenthood, & Komen

National Pro-Life Chalk Day (October 2, 2014) 

                                           2014: REMEMBERING 41 YEARS OF ABORTION-ON-DEMAND IN THE USA      

Surgical Abortion Businesses Remaining Open in USA: 580 []

GA Abortionist Jailed for 4 Years Due to Medicaid Fraud

Aborted Babies Incinerated to Heat UK Hospitals, According to the Telegraph

Details of Death of 22 Year Old at Cleveland OH Abortion Shop Released

Ambulances Transports Two Patients from Nation's Largest Late-term Abortion Business in Albuquerque

Rival Abortionist Calls Planned Parenthood "the Walmart of Abortion"

Downward Trend of Abortion Businesses Continues

University of New Mexico's Abortion Business Set to Move

California Abortion Business Closure is Fifth in 2014

Abortionist Who was Accused of Twisting Heads off Living Babies Has Been Sued for Botched Abortion

KS Medical Board Votes to Appeal Judge's Ruling to Void License Revocation of Neuhaus

Another Carhart Botched Abortion Sends Patient to ER

Abortionist Accused of Rape, Sodomy, and Dumping Baby Parts Under Investigation

Black History Month: To the Point of Extinction (Reproductive Racism)

Former Brigham Abortionist Surrenders License, Closes Abortion Business to Halt Disciplinary Action

Birmingham Abortion Provider Places For Sale/Lease Sign at Abortion Shop

Notorious Illinois Abortionist’s Cold Call Mailing to Doctors: Further Evidence of Abortion Provider Shortage

Debunking Abortion Advocate Magazine's So-Called 'Outright Lies' Told by Pro-Life Advocates

What Abortion and Human Trafficking Have in Common

Abortion and Breast Cancer -- A Conspiracy of Silence?

What Has Roe Done For Us?

Tricia and Jeff had Tried to Bury the Pain They Felt...But Then They Found

Abortion Interrupted: Doctor Reverses Abortion Drug Mifepristone After Mother Changes Her Mind and Seeks Help





5th Circuit Court of Appeals Upholds Cutting-Edge Protections for Women from Chemical Abortion Drugs as well as Requirement of Hospital Privileges for Abortion Providers

10th Circuit Appeals Court Rules Kansas Can Defund PP

Judge Strikes Down Part of Arkansas Heartbeat Law

Supreme Court Forces Arizona Residents to Fund Planned Parenthood & Abortions





Published Abortion Studies   ( 55 items )
Published Abortion - Breast Cancer Studies  ( 34 items )
Published Abortion - Mental Health/Suicide Studies  ( 25 items )
Abortion - Future PreTerm Delivery/Birth Link Studies  ( 27 items )
Abortion - Later Child Autism Connection Studies  ( 4 items )

"Complications: Abortion's Impact on Women" -- Order at

Strahan Research

Online materials explaining the abortion – breast cancer link and oral contraceptive – breast cancer link...

Breast Cancer Risk Factor booklet
Spanish --
English --  

List of 143 Statistically Significant Studies: Induced Abortion--Risk of Preterm Birth and/or Low Birth Weight, from the 1960s through 2012:  and

Video exposing the Abortion-Prematurity Risk  --

Dr. Martin McCaffrey (U. North Carolina) 2013 article entitled "Abortion's Impact on Prematurity"  

Women are, on average, 4 TIMES more likely to commit suicide after abortion than women who give birth and have no prior abortion experience...

There has been one SYSTEMATIC REVIEW & META-ANALYSIS [SRMA] of the Abortion--Suicide Risk --; the 2011 Coleman SRMA of 22 worldwide studies reported that women with prior Induced Abortions (IAs) have 4 times the suicide risk compared to women with zero prior IAs.
A SRMA is the category of medical study providing the highest confidence, pro or con, about a purported risk factor.

List of 70 Epidemiologic Studies: Induced Abortion--Breast Cancer Risk, Breast Cancer Prevention Institute Fact Sheet

Psychological Impact of Abortion

Breast Cancer and Abortion

Breast Cancer Risk: A Tale of 2 Sisters

A Primer on How To Recognize a Cover Up of the Abortion-Breast Cancer Link (ABC Link)

Abortion & Infertility: Novel Treatment of a Patient with Secondary Infertility Due to Retained Fetal Bone, 2003

The Connection Between Abortion, Subsequent Premature Birth, and Future Suicidal Behavior from Prematurity Stressors / Additive Effects Between Prematurity and Postnatal Risk Factors of Suicidal Behavior

Abortion and Subsequent Child Prematurity Risk Among Hispanics 


Additive Effects Between Prematurity and Postnatal Risk Factors of Suicidal Behavior


RESOURCES -- a secure location for those who have experienced abortion to share their stories -- What has Roe v. Wade done for us?

Being an abortion abolitionist isn’t something you do just once a year at the March for Life or Walk for Life, it’s how you live your live, every day in your home town.

The Tide is Turning
under-6-minute super inspiring video (bottom of page)

Not What It Used To Be!! Join the CookieCott!
In the last couple of years, Girl Scouts of America has used Planned Parenthood's graphic material to teach sex-ed. The Girl Scouts recently endorsed pro-abortion politicians Wendy Davis and Kathleen Sebelius as worthy role models for our children. In response,

CookieCott asks you to boycott Girl Scout cookies in 2014.
Here's how you can do it --
And here are the reasons -- 
Starting TODAY, we will not support their agenda to exploit young girls. We are boycotting Girl Scout cookies. Join the Girl Scout CookieCott now --

World Health Assembly: Women Suffer in Multiple Ways From Abortions
20-minute presentation by Dr. Angela Lanfranchi, Breast Cancer Prevention Institute

Abortionists Agree: Abortion Takes Human Life -- Quotes from the Abortion Providers

Why Abortion Practices are in need of Reform and Regulation -

                SBA FACT SHEET About Abortion Industry Negligence -- 

3 Minute, 24 Seconds Video “Voyage” Depicts Amazing Development of Unborn Children
There is a kind of natural unfolding, or progression, of the baby’s development that reminds you how early a primitive heart develops. Interesting & artistic visual of human development.

Abortion Memorials --

Abortion Recovery Awareness -- 1.866.4.My.Recovery   (1-866-469-7326)
Abortion Recovery InterNational, Inc. (ARIN)

How to Defend Your Pro-Life Views in 5 Minutes or Less

Women Do NOT NEED Abortion

Women have the RIGHT TO KNOW about the Abortion - Breast Cancer CONNECTION

AND the Connection of Abortion to Subsequent Preterm Birth, Cerebral Palsy, ASD, & More 

Abortion Business Workers: Report Problems --
Abortion Business Workers: Want a New Job? 

Women succeed in Marriage ...  by NOT becoming Men

If he is not alive, why is he growing?

If he is not a human being, what kind of being is he?

If he is not a child, why is he sucking his thumb?

If he is a living, human child, why is it legal to kill him?
[Right to Life Crusade Inc, Tulsa OK; Heritage House '76 Inc,] 

If Women Can Handle Unexpected Events in Their Jobs, Why Can They Not Handle Unexpected Pregnancies?


Our Choices Expose our Values...
Refuse to Choose Abortion...

Genuine CHOICE Requires Real OPTIONS

                 Occupy the Womb  (SBA List) 
dedicated to the most complete & up-to-date scientific literature on abortion complications, especially in the area of mental health

Resource: Archives of the American Holocaust --
Books, writings, documents, and other materials from the Anti-Life advocates, 1917 - Present
Abraham Lincoln said-  'It is never right to do the wrong thing!' ... Time to DEFUND PP ...
The Inherent Racism of Population Control --
40 Days for Life International Campaign

Alliance for Post-Abortion Research and Training --

Fatherhood Begins in the Womb --

  Truth Booth -- A Window to the Womb --

  Pregnancy Helplines:  888-4-OPTIONS, 800-712-HELP, ... 


April 2014: Life Matters


Resource:April Event-in-a-Box

Newborn Baby Found Alive, Abandoned in Apartment Dumpster

Children with Down Syndrome Tell a Pregnant Mom Her Son With Down Syndrome Will be Happy: video

Just Answer the Phone!

Mother Battling Breast Cancer Gives Birth to Healthy Baby Girl

Almost 19 Million People Are Enslaved in the Commercial Sex Industry & Abortion Link

Taxpayers Continue to Oppose Abortion Funding

Maryland Pregnancy Care Center Wins Decision Against NARAL-Driven Attack

Teens Make a Difference for Truth

Abortion Business Closings: What Do They Really Mean?



Obama’s Budget Sends $286,479,000 to Planned Parenthood Abortion Biz

Planned Parenthood Training School Nurses and Counselors, Recruiting Student 'Sexperts' for 'Revolution'

Is Planned Parenthood in Your School? How to Find Sex Ed Funding Streams and the Programs You Must Fight

Planned Parenthood Stops Abortions at Two Iowa Sites, Lays Off Staff ...

Physicians for Life exists to draw attention to the medical realities of abortion, human embryonic stem cell research, human cloning, out-of-wedlock sexual activity, sexually transmitted diseases, and euthanasia. strongly encourages sexual abstinence outside marriage in order to curb and eliminate the dangers of sexually transmitted diseases/ infections, to reduce the high rates of teen pregnancies, and to prepare our youth to develop strong and healthy life-long relationships in the parameters of marriage. also encourages non-embryonic stem cell research which uses human Adult Stem Cells, Umbilical Cord Stem Cells, Placenta ("after-birth"), and even stem cells in the Wharton's Jelly of the umbilical cord itself, to successfully treat over 70 diseases including cancers, heart disease, and even diseases such as juvenile diabetes, sickle cell anemia, and lupus. iPS (induced Pluripotent Stem) cells -- and now Direct Conversion which directly converts one type of cell to another without stem cells -- have emerged as the focus of ethical, cutting edge stem cell research. In August 2008, scientists announced the transformation of adult cells into other types of adult cells (now termed Direct Conversion). All of these ethical means of cell research will undoubtedly transform medical treatments in the near future.

The overriding goal of every physician should be to Do No Harm, to help every person live the longest and healthiest life possible. We all begin as embryos; we should protect every human life, no matter how small, for the good of us all.

Baby Samuel at 21-weeks











This photo features 21-week-old human fetus Baby Samuel, still inside his mother's uterus (womb). As the doctor prepared to close the uterus after the surgery, Baby Samuel's hand came out. The physician lifted the child's hand to put it back in the uterus. The photo was taken during the operation (Vanderbilt Univ, 1999) to correct spina bifida, a congenital condition. The child is progressing well.  

"Fetus" is a Latin word meaning "offspring" or "young one".

For more information about Baby Samuel, Click Here and for an update on Samuel, Click Here .

April - February 2014: Birth Control


New! New Studies Show All Emergency Contraceptives Can Cause Early Abortion

New! Despite Condoms and “Safe Sex”, 50,000 New Annual USA HIV Infections

New! New Study Links Birth Control Pill with Multiple Sclerosis

Hormonal Contraceptives Nearly Double Stroke Risk in Women: American Heart Association

Two-Thirds (2/3, 66%) of Women Seeking Abortions Were Using Contraception When They Conceived; 40% Were Using 'The Pill'

Old But Good: Infertility Drugs and the Risk of Breast Cancer, F&S 2003 ...

Current Headlines

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April - February 2014: End Of Life / Organ Donation


National Health Care Decisions Day (NHDD) is April 16

NEW! “Brain Dead” Teenager Awakens From Coma After Her Family Sings to Her

NEW! Widening the Opening of the “Window” to the Brains of Patients Who are in a PVS or Who are Minimally Conscious

NEW! A Quick “Lay of the Land”

NEW! "Bioethicists" Push Medical Experimentation on Patients Without Their Consent

NEW! What People Mean When They Say They Want to  Die

Canadian 'Brain Dead' Mother Gives Birth to Healthy Son

Court Imposes Assisted Suicide in New Mexico

Let’s Have a REAL Discussion: Bioethicists Preach, Fail to Teach on Brain Death ...

April - February 2014: Population



NEW! Eradicating the Poor: Why Are Billionaires Paying for Abortion and Pushing Population Control?

Russia’s Troubles Belie the Great Myth that Low Fertility Leads to a Healthy Society ...

February 2014: Abstinence / Sexual Activity



10 Good Ways to Practice Purity

Promoting Purity in Mind & Action

The 1-2-3s of Planning for the Day of Purity

I Choose (2+ minute video)


Boundaries: The Forgotten Principles of Abstinence

Defending Our Children: How to RESPOND to Demands for Planned Parenthood Classroom Sex Education

Day of Purity -- I Choose

February 2014: STDs / STIs / HIV



Sexually Transmitted Disease Surveillance - How Did the US Population Fare in 2012?

Fast Fact for the Month -- HPV



Medical Institute for Sexual Health Package for Parents ...

2014 - 2012: Pregnancy / Nutrition / Miscarriage / Age & Fertility

  Find More Information Regarding Pregnancy, Human Development, and Breastfeeding, visit "PREGNANCY" in Left Menu...


NEW! Why Do Babies Laugh? New Research Sets Out Find the Cute and Adorable Answers

NEW! New Smart-Phone "Appcessory" Allows Moms to Hear Unborn Child's Heartbeat

NEW! Birth Rates for Females Aged 15–19 Years, by Race/Ethnicity — National Vital Statistics System, United States, 2007 and 2012

Facinating Video Shows Conception to Birth Visualized

Breathtaking Pictures Capture the Miracle of Birth, First Moments Outside Womb

3-D Plastic Models Let You See Face of Unborn Baby Before Birth

The Developmental Milestones Reached by the Unborn Child at 20 Weeks

Open-Womb Surgery Treats Unborn Baby’s Hydrocephalus

The Fetal Brain and Fetal Pain: Congressional Testimony

3 Minute, 24 Seconds Video “Voyage” Depicts Amazing Development of Unborn Children

Research: Unborn Babies Recognize, Process Speech at 29 Weeks

Study: Babies Can Read Each Others’ Moods by Five Months of Age

Unborn Babies Learn Amazing Things Like Taste and Scent in the Womb

Babies In Womb Make Faces & Complex Expressions, Study Shows

Fascinating Discovery Shows Unborn Baby’s Cells Go to Mom’s Brain

Stunning New Process Creates 3-D Model of Your Unborn Child

Amazing 4-D Ultrasound Captures Baby Yawning in the Womb

What’s Behind the U.S. Fertility Drop?

“Pretty Spectacular” Images of Fetal Development Available as iBook

Infant Mortality Rate in Alabama Falls to an All-Time Low in 2011

Healthy Teeth Help Moms Get Pregnant, Fight Low Birth-Weight Deliveries

Links to Zinc: Nutrition Expert Finds Tie Between Trace Mineral, Birth Weights

Amazing BBC Video Shows Development of Human Face in the Womb

Babies in Womb Pick Up Linguistic Traits of Their Mothers

Flawed Miscarriage Diagnosis Criteria May Lead to Abortion of Healthy Babies: Study

Advanced Reproductive Age and Fertility: Abstract...

Marriage & New Marriage Research (update 2/2014)

NEW! Want to Make Your Children Happy?

NEW! Courage and the Challenge of Parenthood

Married People Less Likely to Die from Preventable Accidents or Cancer -- “The Social Side of Accidental Death”

Understanding the Definition of Marriage: Professor Co-Authors Book on What the Implications of Redefining Marriage Could Be on Families, Society

Dinner Can Change Your Youth’s Life

Being Fatherless Leaves Child Susceptible to Abusive Treatment From Father-Figure

Spice Up Your Family Time And Reduce Your Risk of Developing Alzheimer's

Marriage & Family Resources

Unrealistic Expectations: 3 Things I Wish I Had Known Before We Got Married

The Importance of Dads

Resource: Institute for Marriage and Public Policy

Study Ties Cervical and Testicular Cancers to Increased Divorce Rate

Lack of Marriage & Work Are the Roots of Child Poverty Problem

Marriage and the Public Good: Ten Principles

How Can America Reduce Violent Crime and Gang Activity? Encourage Marriage

Americans Love Marriage

Research Continues to Uphold the Value of Marriage - Why Marriage Matters


For more information regarding Marriage and Cohabitation, click here.


Marriage / Cohabitation With Children (update October 2013)

Institute for Marriage and Public Policy

NEW! Living Together is Not Conducive to 'Living Happily Ever After'

Fatherlessness in America

France’s Youth Ready for More Teargas: Demonstrations Against Same-Sex ‘marriage’ Continue

Not Just Romance: Marriage has Wide-Ranging Social Benefits

Attorney Generals Go to Bat for Traditional Marriage

Homosexual Couples Less Healthy than Married Heterosexuals, Study Finds

This ONE Factor Could Cut Child Poverty 82%: Heritage Foundation Notes 'Greatest Weapon' is NOT Education

Commentary: Vice President Quayle was Ahead of His Time

Happily Married: The Reasons Why

New York Times Op-Ed: Cohabitation Can Lead to Divorce

The Cohabitation Effect

Analysis: Family Breakdown at the Heart of Global Aging Crisis

Wanted: Fathers... Most Wanted: Husbands

Births to Cohabiting Couples Dramatically Increase / 1 in 4 Babies are Born to Cohabiting Couples

Strengthen Family to Avert Social Collapse: Report

Study: Cohabiting People “Eventually” Marry

Cohabiting Women Abort Children More

When Baby Makes Three: How Parenthood Makes Life Meaningful and How Marriage Makes Parenthood Bearable

Healthy Families Equal a Healthy Economy

Society Needs Marriage -- Without Marriage, 'Everything Else is Weakened'

The High Costs of Marriage Absence

The Costs of Missing Fathers

Marriage and Materialism

The Importance of a Marriage Commitment

Study: Australian Children’s Mental Health Deteriorating Due to Marriage Breakdown

Fighting Divorce Could Save Government Billions: Divorce-Reform Advocates Research

Commentary: Oh! How America Has Changed!

Breaking the Cycle of Divorce

Hope Among Statistics

Italians Not Having Kids, and Now, Not Getting Married Either: New Stats

Minnesota Marriage

Contraception Underlying Cause of Breakdown of Family, Sexual Morality, Says Expert

Study: 95% of Americans Under 30 Plan to Marry

Study: Children of Divorce/Separation Die 5 Years Earlier

The Annual Report on Family Trends: 2011...The Behaviors of the American Family in the Five Major Institutions of Society

National Marriage Week USA -- February 7-14, Every Year

Study: Marriage Significantly Helps Longevity, Mental Health

Marriage Is Good for Physical and Mental Health

Cohabiting Couples Far More Likely to Suffer from Partner Abuse, Statistics Show


Unmarried With Kids: A Shift In The Working Class

Fragile Families: Not Easy, But Essential

Marriage: Marginalized in the Middle

'Lightning Divorces' Strike China's 'Me Generation'

Cohabitation Nation: Growing Trend Results in Declining Household Stability

Cohabitation and Children Outside Marriage Linked to Higher Probability of Breakups: Aussie Study (2010)

Cohabitation: A Trial Divorce

Marriage: An Important Key to Avoiding Poverty

Federal Court Tosses Lawsuit that Challenged Federal Defense of Marriage Act

Study Confirms Cohabitation Leads To Higher Chance Of Divorce and Lower Relationship Quality

Living Together: Not Good Preparation for Marriage

Characteristics of Cohabiting Adults

Should We Live Together? What Young Adults Need to Know About Cohabitation Before Marriage

Unmarried Pregnancy: The Real Crisis

Family Breakdown in Canada Costs $7 Billion Annually: New Research

Same-Sex "Marriage" Suffers Plunge in Popularity: Poll

Why the State Must Oppose Same-Sex “Marriage”: Professor

Cohabitation, Second Marriages, and Children Outside Marriage Linked to Higher Probability of Breakups: Australian Study

Study: Marriage Reduces Stress-related Hormone Production...

'Authentic' Health Care? Anti-Conscience Contraception Mandate (updated March2014)



16-Second Video Demolishes Rationale for HHS-Abortion Mandate

NEW! ObamaCare, Hobby Lobby, and the HHS Mandate

NEW! The Affordable Care Act & Health Care Access -- Are We Better Off Now?

NEW! Women's Health & ObamaCare

NEW! Brief Argues Mandatory Contraceptives Endanger Women’s Health

Obamacare Day One: Many Americans Will Fund Abortions Without Their Consent

Administrators of 150 Obamacare Plans Can’t Say Which Fund Abortion

Obama Administration Falsifying Federal Law to Fund More Abortions Under Obamacare

Abortion and Birth Control in Obamacare

Obamacare Forcing Insurance Companies to Cover Hundreds of Planned Parenthoods

Head of Obama Agency That Funded Abortions for Illegal Immigrants Quits

New Komen President Headed Group Responsible for Obama’s HHS Mandate

Obamacare Forcing Insurance Companies to Cover Hundreds of Planned Parenthoods

Obamacare SHOP Program May Force Small Businesses to Fund Abortions

UK’s NHS Kills 24 Disabled People Weekly Via Rationed Care

700 Pages of New Obamacare Rules Put in Place More Abortion Funding

House Republicans Try to Stop IPAB From Rationing Health Care

ObamaCare is Still Vulnerable

Six States Challenge Obama Administration’s HHS Mandate in Court

Obamacare Mandate: Sterilize 15-Year-Old Girls for Free--Without Parental Consent

Court Ratifies Landmark Anti-Life Healthcare Law, Covert Abortion Premium Mandate Remains Law of the Land: AUL Breaks Down the Ruling / AUL Legal Team: Initial Analysis of Supreme Court Ruling in Healthcare

Link to Full Text of the Supreme Court’s ObamaCare Decision

Oregon Study Shows Benefits, and Price, for Newly Insured

Obama Admin Finalizes Rules: $1 Abortion Premium Mandate per Insured Person in ObamaCare / Obamacare Premium Could Give Abortion Industry Mega-Bucks Yearly

“Covert Abortion Premium Mandate” chart to show your friends how abortion is hidden in the law:

Commentary: Exposing False Claims About a 'War on Women'

Obamacare “Secrecy Clause” Demands Payment for Abortions

Pushing Abortion Was Always a Main Goal of Obamacare

Abortion - Conscience Politics

Abortion Surcharge in Obamacare? Here’s the Evidence

Sandra Fluke a Self-Described Professional Pro-Abortion Activist  /  Sandra Fluke: Get Out of My Uterus, But You Must Buy My Contraceptives

Obama Supported Planned Parenthood, Now They Return the Favor

ObamaCare’s Next Gift: After-Birth Contraception

HHS Mandate Could Close 13 Percent of the Nation’s Hospitals

ObamaCare Fines Religious Institutions $100 a Day per Employee for Failing to Provide Contraception

Sebelius Reiterates Obama: Birth Control Mandate Pays for Itself Because Fewer Babies are Born [If They Consider Abortion as a Form of Birth Control]

Seven States Sue Obama Administration Over ObamaCare Mandate

70,000 Americans Tell Obama to Overturn the HHS Contraceptive Mandate

Federal Court: Forcing Pharmacists to Distribute Abortifacient Drugs Is ‘Unconstitutional’

Obama Admin Responds to Lawsuit: Don’t Rule Yet Because We Might Change Mandate Later...

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